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Brown Paper Bag

2020 HD 1h 33m 3

The year is 1942, and Archie Glass Is trying to get into Hollywood. His chance comes as he is offered a job: Find a young white movie star before the press reports that she is missing and he will have a shot at his Hollywood dream. Thus begins a journey into a Los Angeles you have never seen before, the actors who play the maids, the busboys, the background actors in jungle films, all spring into the foreground in this dramatic noir about a man willing to do anything to make his dream come true. Archie searches the back alley of Hollywood and discovers more lies than truth. Ultimately he finds the woman he is looking for and the dark reality of being a black man in tinsel town.

Director: Detdrich McClure

Genre: Drama

Cast: Aaron Bell, Amanda Holquin, Andrew Calderon, Anthony M. Bertram, Antonio D. Charity, Ashley Akins, Blake Burns, Caesar James, Chris Gardner, Claudia Camarena, Craig Balog, Darin Craddolph

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