The House On The Hill

2019 1h 23m 5

Megan (Samaire Armstrong) suffers a major tragedy when her son and husband are killed in a car crash. After four years in a mental health institution, she goes to stay with her brother in her hometown, to attempt to get her life back together. But once Megan arrives, her brother disappears. And now none of the townspeople remember him ever existing! Is Megan losing her mind, or is there something more nefarious at work here?

Director: Abby Zahuranec, Emily Blake, Nadeem Soumah, Xavier S. Puslowski

Genre: Thriller, TV Movie

Cast: Bart Johnson, G. Larry Butler, Lindsay Hartley, Rob Mayes, Samaire Armstrong, Scott Bailey, Sly Green, Stephanie Erb, Tristina Lee Bryant


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