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The Toy Soldiers

2014 HD 2h 23m 1

On one evening in a decade of sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll, the innocence of youth and family unravels. Five parallel coming-of-age stories dramatize the stages of grief. A youthful mother in a custody battle over her children, finds tranquility with the bottle. The abuse of her ex-husband still haunts the children; a nineteen year old drug addict, and his younger brother, a bullied closet homosexual.There's the story of the dog; a teen who offers sexual favors to gain acceptance, the challenged classmate who would do anything for her love, and the redhead beauty, haunted by a secret, tragic past. These lives and others will change forever on this final evening before their hangout, The Toy Soldiers Roller Rink, closes its doors for the final time.

Director: Erik Peter Carlson

Genre: Drama

Cast: Al Burke, Aleksander Ristic, Amelia Haberman, Andre Darnell Myers, Andrew Baxter, Anthony B.A. Cruz, Cathy Lynn Yonek, Chandler Rylko, Cj Natoli, Constance Brenneman, Craig Robert Bruss, Danno White


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